Funding schemes

The National Science Centre supports basic research by funding research projects carried out by individual researchers and research teams, both on the domestic and international level, as well as doctoral fellowships and post-doctoral internships. NCN announces calls for proposals four times a year. The NCN grantee must be employed at a Polish host institution. Additional conditions applicable to each call are set forth by the Council of the NCN.

See the short description of NCN funding schemes by clicking one of the links below:

OPUS: general grants – now open

PRELUDIUM: pre-doctoral grants – now open

PRELUDIUM BIS funding scheme piktogramPRELUDIUM BIS: PhD students

SONATINA: PhD holder grants – now open

SONATA: PhD holder grants

SONATA BIS: PhD holder grants

HARMONIA: international research projects

MAESTRO: advanced grants 

ETIUDA: doctoral scholarship

UWERTURA: fellowship in ERC-funded projects 

TANGO: proof-of-concept type grants – now open

POLONEZ: fellowship programme (2015-2021)

POLONEZ BIS: fellowship programme (2021-2026)

MINIATURA: enabling award

DIOSCURI: Centres of Scientific Excellence in Central and Eastern Europe – now open

GRIEG: Polish-Norwegian research projects, EEA and Norway Grants
IdeaLab:  ground-breaking, interdisciplinary research projects, EEA and Norway Grants


International calls