Success of Polish researchers in the SUGI Call

poniedziałek, 26 marca 2018

We are pleased to announce that three projects, involving researchers from Poland, have been awarded funding within the Sustainable Urbanisation Global Initiative (SUGI) Food-Water-Energy Nexus call for proposals, organised by JPI Urban Europe and Belmont Forum. »

M-ERA.NET 2 call 2018 open

wtorek, 20 marca 2018

We would like to invite researchers to submit proposals under M-ERA.NET 2 call for proposals. The call targets research in the following topics: »

Announcement of the OPUS 15 and PRELUDIUM 15 calls for proposals

czwartek, 15 marca 2018

The National Science Centre invites researchers to submit proposals under OPUS 15 and PRELUDIUM 15 calls launched on 15th March. The former offers funding for  research projects, including purchase or construction of the necessary research equipment. The latter gives early stage pre-doctoral researchers an opportunity to make a debut as principal investigator in a research project. Researchers will compete for the total sum of over € 76.5 million in funding. »

Changes in the NCN call timeline

środa, 14 marca 2018

During its session held in March, the Council of the National Science Centre, decided to change the timeline of the National Science Centre’s calls in 2018. The launch of the SONATA call for proposals has been moved to September 2018. A detailed schedule is available in the Call timeline section. »

Session of the Council of the NCN on 7-8 March 2018

środa, 14 marca 2018

On the 7th and 8th of March the Council of the NCN held its session. On the first day the Council’s committees for appeals, regulations and procedures, and Committees K-1, K-2 and K-3 convened. On the second day, the plenary debate took place, with members of the Council and authorities of the NCN. »

Topics of the CHIST-ERA Call 2018

wtorek, 13 marca 2018

The CHIST-ERA Network has defined initial topics for the Call for proposals that will be announced in October 2018: »

Researchers choose to be active: summary of the MINIATURA 1 call

czwartek, 22 lutego 2018

The NCN’s first MINIATURA call for single research activities instrumental in basic research has attracted a truly massive response. In the recently concluded programme, funding was granted to 828 researchers, the resources allocated reaching the sum of € 7 million. The initiative sought to support the researchers who have had no experience as beneficiaries of the NCN’s grant system. »