Dr Aneta Pazik-Aybar

Aneta Pazik

Dr Aneta Pazik-Aybar

  • Coordinator for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences
  • E-mail: Aneta Pazik-Aybar
  • Phone:+48 12 3419157

Graduate of the Jagiellonian University. She earned her doctoral degree in social sciences (with a specialization in political science) in 2017, based on a dissertation devoted to Johannes Hoffman's (Minister-President of Saarland in 1947-1955) activism for the Europeanization of the state, defended with honours at the Institute of Political Science and International Relations of the Jagiellonian University. In 2012, she won a Henri Rieben Scholarship awarded by the Fondation Jean Monnet pour l'Europe (FJME, Lausanne, Switzerland), within the framework of which she searched the archives of the foundation and of the University of Lausanne, as well as the Swiss Federal Archives in Bern. In the same year, she also won the Fritz Stern Fellowship granted by the Willy Brandt Center at the University of Wrocław and the Deutsche Nationalstiftung. She has completed research internships at Fondation Jean Monnet pour l’Europe and the Institute of History at Saarland University in Saarbrücken. She has searched the Diplomatic Archives of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the National Archives in Koblenz, the Saarland Archives in Saarbrücken, the Union Stiftung Archives (Saarbrücken), and the Political Archives of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Berlin).

She has served as an investigator in a research project conducted at the Jagiellonian University within the framework of a grant awarded by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, devoted to museum education in the Malopolska and Silesian Voivodeships. In addition, she has been involved in research and teaching projects funded by the Ministry of Science and Higher Education and the Polish-German Youth Cooperation.

Between 2015-2017, she cooperated with the De Gruyter publishing house as a magazine editor. She has been affiliated with the National Science Centre since December 2017. In November 2018, she was appointed as an NCN Coordinator for Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. She has authored a number of publications, including monographs, on contemporary political history, forced migration and museum education.