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This is a match-making section for JPI AMR 2018 call applicants. It gives applicants the opportunity to express interest either in joining a research proposal (please select: Partners looking for projects) or to search for partner(s) for an existing proposal (please select: Projects looking for partners). In order to use this tool, please fill in the details below.

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Latest partners

  1. Department of Microbiology, Vestfold Hospital Trust from NO read more »
    Submitted: February 16th, 11:50
  2. Fraunhofer IZI-BB from DE read more »
    Submitted: February 15th, 12:55
  3. Beuth University of Applied Sciences Berlin from DE read more »
    Submitted: February 13th, 12:25

Latest projects

  1. Faculty of Pharmacy, Cairo University from EG read more »
    Screening and evaluation of potential new anti-virulence compounds as non-traditional anti-microbial agents
    Submitted: February 19th, 09:11
  2. Institute of Plant Genetics- Polish Academy of Sciences from PL read more »
    Delivery of antibiotics as nanoparticles to fight against multi drug resistance
    Submitted: February 19th, 09:11
  3. National Public Health Laboratory, Tel Aviv from IL read more »
    Isolation of antimicrobial compounds from novel predatory gram negative bacteria.
    Submitted: February 8th, 15:35
  4. Institute of Biomedicine of Seville from ES read more »
    Repurposing drugs as non-antimicrobial strategies for the prevention and treatment of infections by multiresistant Gram negative bacilli
    Submitted: February 5th, 16:27


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