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This is a match-making section for the QuantERA Call 2019 in the field of Quantum Technologies. It gives applicants the opportunity to express interest either in joining an existing network (please select: Partner looking for network) or to search for new partner(s) in an already established network (please select: Network looking for partners). In order to use this tool, please fill in the details below.

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Latest partners

  1. University of Münster from DE read more »
    Submitted: January 15th, 08:06
  2. Dapyx Solution from RO read more »
    Submitted: January 14th, 08:37
  3. Ray Techniques Ltd. from IL read more »
    Submitted: January 11th, 08:22

Latest networks

  1. University of Hamburg from DE read more »
    Submitted: November 15th, 08:58
  2. Pressiton Cloud from PL read more »
    Submitted: November 8th, 10:46


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