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Narodowe Centrum Nauki prezentuje bazę ogłoszeń o wolnych stanowiskach pracy przy projektach finansowanych przez Centrum. Narodowe Centrum Nauki nie ponosi odpowiedzialności za treść i wiarygodność przesyłanych ofert pracy.

Uprzejmie informujemy o nowych warunkach zatrudniania osób na stanowiska typu post-doc: limit czasu upływającego od uzyskania stopnia doktora dla aplikujących na te stanowiska kobiet może być przedłużony o 1,5 roku za każde urodzone bądź przysposobione dziecko.

Oferta pracy

Nazwa jednostki: Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences Sopot, Inne oferty z tego miasta »
Nazwa stanowiska: PhD scholarship

1. Master's degree in biology, ecology, biological oceanography or related and positive result of recruitment for doctoral studies. A candidate may submit application if receives the MSc Degree till September, 30th 2021;
2. Basic experience in taxonomic laboratory work (e.g., ability to identify plankton);
3. Ability to carry out multidimensional statistical analyzes;
4. English language skills that allows for writing the scientific publications;
5. At least basic experience in writing scientific articles;
6. High motivation and enthusiasm for academic work;
7. Creativity and ability to think critically;
8. Good communication and networking skills in order to provide excellence in research in the area (Polish is not required for foreigners).

Opis zadań:

Task description:
1. Laboratory analysis of planktonic Ostracoda derived from historic and new samples from both polar regions (identification to the species level, developmental stage together with morphometric analysis);
2. Creation of database with abundances, measurements and photographs of individual Ostracoda species;
3. Participation in Arctic/Antarctic cruises including preparation, organization and collection of zooplankton;
4. Participation in genetic part of the project;
5. Statistical analysis of obtained results and a synthetic summary of subsequent stages of laboratory work;
6. Visualization (3D) and modeling of the pelagic distribution of Ostracoda;
7. Preparation of scientific articles in English and conference presentations including active participation in conferences/workshops/project meetings;
8. Collaboration in other research tasks carried out in the Pelagic Ecosystems Functioning Laboratory of the Department of Marine Ecology of the IO PAN.

This PhD deals with a poorly recognized group of zooplankton - Ostracoda, and its aim is to verify (morphologically and genetically) composition structure, distribution (in the past and today) and the role of these animals in two very different polar ecosystems. The ambition of this project is to verify the concept of bipolarity ("symmetrical" presence of identical or closely related species of zooplankton at the both edges of Earth) based on a wide collection of historical and contemporary taken ostracods samples from the Atlantic sector of Arctic and Antarctic waters. The benefit of the project is an access to valuable zooplankton materials from the Discovery expeditions from the 1920s and 1930s gathered at the Natural History Museum (London) which opens up a wide range of opportunities for PhD internship in one of the most prestigious research centers in the world. This access to archival materials is exceptional opportunity for biological materials because it will allow to trace changes in composition stucture and biogeography of this group over the last 100 years. Furthermore, extensive international cooperation - previously agreed with foreign partners from the leading European oceanographic institutions (the Alfred Wegener Institute, Shirshov Institute of Oceanology of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Norwegian Polar Institute) - provides a unique opportunity to follow long-term trends in ecology of polar zooplankton, particularly exposed to changes caused by global warming.

Typ konkursu NCN: PRELUDIUM BIS – NZ
Termin składania ofert: 23 sierpnia 2021, 23:59
Forma składania ofert: email
Warunki zatrudnienia:

The conditions of employment:

Duration: 4 years (8 semesters), from October 2021
Scholarship: 5 000 PLN gross per month in the first half and 6 000 PLN gross per month in the second half of the project implementation period.
Application deadline: August 23rd, 2021
Competition results: September 30th, 2021

PhD scholarship is expected to work within the Polish National Science Centre funded project: Life at both edges of the globe – bipolarity concept tested on pelagic ostracods (BI-POLARITY), project number: UMO-2020/39/O/NZ8/01793.

Dodatkowe informacje:

Additional information:
The competition is open to persons who do not have a doctoral degree and
are not participants of any doctoral school.
According to this position Candidate must become a PhD student at the
International Environmental Doctoral School associated with the Centre
for Polar Studies at the University of Silesia in Katowice (IEDS).
Title of PhD project: Life at both edges of the globe – bipolarity
concept tested on pelagic ostracods.
The leading unit: Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of Sciences,
Sopot, Poland.

The work will be carried out under supervision of Prof. Katarzyna
Błachowiak-Samołyk, kasiab@iopan.pl and Dr. Emilia Trudnowska,
emilia@iopan.pl, both from the Institute of Oceanology Polish Academy of
Sciences, Sopot, Poland.

Information about applying procedure at IEDS is available on the sites:
1. Offer - details of the proposed PhD project:
2. Requirements and regulations:
3. Registration online (open July 1): http://www.irk.us.edu.pl/

Conditions for admission to the qualification procedure:
1.registering an account in the www.irk.us.edu.pl system and filling in
a form containing appropriate declarations and consents;
2. submission in the system www.irk.us.edu.pl:
– a copy of the graduation diploma with a supplement;
– curriculum vitae;
– title and outline of a doctoral project;
– the form of scientific achievements and the documents certifying them,
as well as other documents specified in the eligibility criteria for
specific topics (admissible submission at the office of the IEDS, via
polarknow@us.edu.pl or the IEDS website);
– form of the outline of the doctoral project and the list of scientific
achievements of the candidate: Submit the form and attachments via the
website of the IEDS.
3. paying the enrollment fee in the amount of PLN 190.

Data dodania ogłoszenia: 2021-07-01 08:19:29

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