The QuantERA ERA-NET Cofund is currently the leading European network of Research Funding Organisations financing research projects in Quantum Technologies (QT). QuantERA has managed to efficiently pool, coordinate and mobilise national and regional resources in order to fund ambitious research and innovation in the QT domain.

QuantERA II Consortium is composed of 38 Research Funding Organisations from 30 countries, showing a considerable growth in the programme participation since 2016. The Consortium aims to stimulate and intensify QT research and innovation at the European level, through a framework for funding excellent transnational collaborative projects, recognising and rewarding outstanding research ideas in the field of QT.

Official website of QuantERA: www.quantera.eu


QuantERA Call 2021 – Announcement

The National Science Centre, in cooperation with QuantERA II ERA-Net Cofund, hereby announces the QuantERA call 2021 addressed at the Polish researchers for international research projects in quantum technologies covering:

  • Quantum Phenomena and Resources
  • Applied Quantum Science.

Funding proposals may be submitted by international consortia composed of at least 3 research teams from 3 countries participating in the call. The principal investigator of the Polish research team must hold at least a PhD degree.


Countries participating in the call:

Austria (FWF, FFG)Hungary (NKFIH) Portugal (FCT)
Belgium (F.R.S.-FNRS, FWO)Ireland (SFI)Romania (UEFISCDI)
Bulgaria (BNSF)Israel (Innovation Auth)Slovakia (SAS)
Croatia (HRZZ)Italy (CNR, MUR, INFN)Slovenia (MIZS)
Czech Republic (MEYS, TA CR)Latvia (VIAA)Spain (AEI) 
Denmark (IFD)Lithuania (RCL)Sweden (VR)
Estonia (ETAg)Luxembourg (FNRS)Switzerland (SNSF)
Finland (AKA)Malta (MFIN)Turkey (TUBITAK)
France (ANR)Norway (RCN) 
Germany (DFG, BMBF/VDI-TZ)Poland (NCBR, NCN) 

In order to facilitate the formation of research consortia, applicants can use a partner search tool available here as projects looking for partners or partners looking for projects.


In the QuantERA Call 2021, funds may be requested to cover salaries for members of the research team, remuneration and scholarships for students and PhD students, purchase or construction of research equipment and for other costs crucial to a research project.

The NCN has allocated 1,000,000 EUR for research tasks to be performed by the Polish research teams in research projects to be performed by the Polish research teams under the QuantERA Call 2021.


The application procedure comprises two stages:

  • First stage
    • International level: a pre-proposal is prepared by the Polish research teams in cooperation with the international partners (in English) and submitted by the Project Leader on behalf of the international consortium.

At this stage, Polish applicants submit no documents to the NCN.

  • Second stage
    • International level: a full proposal is prepared by the Polish research teams in cooperation with the international partners (in English) and submitted by the Project Leader on behalf of the international consortium.
    • National level: an NCN proposal concerning the Polish part of the project is prepared by the Polish research team and submitted to the NCN electronically via the ZSUN/OSF electronic submission system within 7 days of the submission deadline for joint full proposals (international level).

Please read the NCN proposal submission procedure.

Call Timeline:

  • Submission deadline for pre-proposals: 13 May 2021 (5 p.m. CET)
  • Information on proposals shortlisted for the second stage of the call: July 2021  
  • Submission deadline for full proposals: 15 September 2021 (5 p.m. CET)
  • Call results: December 2021

Read the call announcement and call documents.


Join our webinar on 24 March 2021. You will find out more about registration and participation in the webinar soon!




  • Call Secretariat Leader:

French National Research Agency (ANR)

Sergueï Fedortchenko, Ph.D.


  • Coordinator:

National Science Centre (NCN)

Programme Office