The results of the BEETHOVEN 1

Friday, 8 July 2016

List of projects qualified for funding in NCN and DFG call: BEETHOVEN 1.

Ranking list

  • Funding scheme: BEETHOVEN
  • NCN Coordinator: dr Anna Marszałek
  • Call announcement: 12th September 2014 r.
No. - means a position on the ranking list

Środki przyznane (PLN)

No.Project titlePrincipal Investigator (PL + DE)Host Institution (PL + DE)Funding granted to Polish teams (PLN)
1The Polish Dative as a test case for linguistic theoryprof. dr hab. Jacek Ireneusz WitkośAdam Mickiewicz University in Poznan550 608
Prof. dr Roland MeyerHumboldt-Universität zu Berlin
2Early semantic development: linking language development to emerging participation in social eventsdr hab. Joanna Karolina Rączaszek-LeonardiUniversity of Warsaw598 131
PD Dr Katharina J. RohlfingUniversität Bielefeld
3Export Cartels, Financial Speculation and Commodity Crisesdr hab. Oskar KowalewskiInstitut of Economics of the Polish Academy of Science1 012 997
Dr Hinnerk GnutzmannUniversität Bielefeld
4Imagines Maiestatis: Barbarian Coins, Elite Identities and the Birth of Europeprof. dr hab. Aleksander BurscheUniversity of Warsaw966 380
Dr David Wigg-WolfRömisch-Germanische Kommission des Deutschen Archäologischen Instituts
5Motivated history: Representations of Groups' History as a Function of Current Motivationsdr hab. Michał Kamil BilewiczUniversity of Warsaw728 779
Prof. dr Immo FritscheUniversität Leipzig
6Performances of Memory: Testimonial, Reconstructive and Counterfactual Strategies in Literature and Performative Arts of the 20th and 21st Centuriesprof. dr hab. Małgorzata SugieraJagiellonian University in Krakow395 280
Prof. dr Magdalena MarszałekUniversität Potsdam
7Permissions, Information and Institutional Dynamics, Obligations, and Rightsdr hab. Piotr Wojciech KulickiJohn Paul II Catholic University of Lublin806 695
Prof. dr Olivier RoyUniverisität Bayreuth
8Polish-German Child Bilingualism: The role of Age of Onset for Long-Term Achievementdr hab. Aldona SopataAdam Mickiewicz University in Poznan334 746
Prof. dr Bernhard BrehmerErnst Moritz Arndt Univerisität Greifswald
9Young precarious workers in Poland and Germany: a comparative sociological study on working and living conditions, social consciousness and civic engagementprof. dr hab. Juliusz GardawskiWarsaw School of Economics976 974
Prof. dr Vera TrappmanOtto von Guericke Univerisität Magdeburg
10Threat to control and social norms: Conformity, Change or Formationdr Marcin BukowskiJagiellonian University in Krakow445 140
Dr Philipp JugertUniversität Leipzig
11Does Supranational Coercion Work? Onset, Impact and Effectiveness of EU Sanctionsdr Paulina PospiesznaAdam Mickiewicz University in Poznan342 776
Prof. dr Gerald SchneiderUniversität Konstanz
12Late Neolithic/Early Bronze Age developments in the south-west Baltic Area (2500-1500 BC): Why did the Bruszczewo-Łęki Małe type of power structures appear?prof. dr hab. Janusz CzebreszukAdam Mickiewicz University in Poznan1 022 086
Prof. dr Johannes MüllerChristian-Albrechts-Universität zu Kiel
13Socio-Cultural Constructions of Vulnerability and Resilience. German and Polish Perceptions of Threatening Aquatic Phenomena in Odra River Regionsdr Anna Orzechowska-BarczThe Institute of Literary Research of the Polish Academy of Sciences181 255
Prof. dr Gabriela ChristmannLeibniz-Institut für Regionalentwicklung und Strukturplanung
14Jews and Germans in Polish collective memory. Two case studies of memory formation after WWIIdr Barbara PabjanUniversity of Wroclaw441 360
Dr Katrin SteffenUniversität Hamburg
15Linguistic influences on numerical cognition: A cross-cultural investigation using specificities of Polish and German languagesdr hab. Maciej Władysław HamanUniversity of Warsaw423 444
Prof. dr Hans-Christoph NuerkEberhard Karls Universität Tübingen
16Modelling Retirement Decisions with Incomplete Rationality - Insights for Policy Designdr hab. Joanna TyrowiczScience Foundation Institute for Structural Research446 813
Prof. dr Patrick PuhaniLebniz Universität Hannover
17Rooms for Maneuver in State Socialism. Between Adaptation and Experimentprof. dr hab. Jerzy KochanowskiUniversity of Warsaw763 749
Prof. Klaudia KraftUniversität Siegen