Over PLN 30,000,000 for Polish-German research teams under BEETHOVEN CLASSIC 3

Tuesday, 15 October 2019

We already know the results of the third edition of the BEETHOVEN CLASSIC call for Polish-German research projects in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences and selected disciplines of Physical Sciences and Engineering. Researchers will be awarded a total budget of PLN 30,086,432.

The BEETHOVEN CLASSIC call is organised by the National Science Centre (NCN) in cooperation with the German Research Foundation (Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft, DFG). In this edition, researchers have submitted 130 funding proposals, including 63 in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences (HS) and 67 in selected disciplines of Physical Sciences and Engineering (ST, such as chemistry, mathematics, physics and material science), of which the experts selected 34 best projects, including 16 in HS and 18 in ST.

The Polish-German joint proposals have been subject to merit-based evaluation performed in two stages: firstly, the projects have been evaluated by the external experts appointed by the NCN and DFG and then, the final verdict has been delivered at the expert team meeting. The winning projects will be carried out jointly by the Polish and German research teams. Research must have been planned for a period of two or three years and the amount requested for the implementation of the Polish part of the project had to be at least PLN 150,000. A principal investigator in the project must be at least a PhD holder.

The German Research Foundation is an organisation that provides funding for basic research in all scientific disciplines. It is an association that brings together German research universities, research institutes and research associations. DFG is a private law organisation funded mainly by the federal states and federal government.