Fri, 02/17/2012 - 17:00

Almost €33 M has been awarded to Poland’s top 59 researchers in the first edition of the MAESTRO funding scheme. This funding opportunity is addressed to advanced researchers who hold a doctoral degree and already have notable scientific achievements in their portfolio. Projects, open to all academic disciplines, should aim to carry out pioneering research, including interdisciplinary research which is important for the development of science. Projects within this funding scheme should surpass the current state of knowledge, lead to the creation of a new paradigm, or provide pathways to new frontiers.

The funding scheme for advanced researchers is very unique. The conditions that need to be met by applicants are the most challenging of all NCN funding schemes. Fulfilling them is tantamount to  many years intensive research experience, proven by internationally recognised achievements. The stakes are, however, very high. To successful applicants we shall award the considerable sum of 1 to 3 million zlotys, which shall enable them to carry out even the most ambitious of projects with an international impact, says prof.  Andrzej Jajszczyk, director of the National Science Centre.

MAESTRO 1 attracted 488 proposals, whereas the success rate slightly exceeded 12%. The greatest number of grants will be conducted at the University of Warsaw (7), Jagiellonian University (7) and AGH University of Science and Technology (4).

The titles of the applications to be financed.