Thu, 03/15/2012 - 14:42

On the 15th March 2012 the NCN launched new editions of the OPUS, PRELUDIUM, SONATA and SONATA BIS funding schemes. The total amount of funds earmarked for researchers exceeded €70 M.

A new feature has been introduced in the SONATA funding opportunity. It has been divided into two schemes: SONATA and SONATA BIS.

SONATA 3 is addressed to scientists with up to 5 years scientific experience since their PhD award. The projects submitted under this funding opportunity are expected to be pioneering in nature and create an innovative scientific or academic approach, methodology or equipment. 

SONATA BIS 1 is intended for researchers with up to 10 years scientific experience after their PhD award. This funding scheme gives the scientists an incentive to establish a new research team and become independent research leaders.