Mon, 04/02/2012 - 00:00

On the 30th of March Justyna Woźniakowska, the Deputy Director of the NCN, and Michał Kołodziejski, Analysis and Evaluation Specialist, attended the EURECIA (Understanding & Assessing the Impact & Outcomes of European Research Council Funding) Final Workshop in Brussels. The EURECIA project, concluded in April, investigated the impact of the European Research Council (ERC) on the funding schemes for academic research in Europe. It also sought the scientists’ as well as research- and funding institutions’ opinions on the programmes launched by the ERC.

During the panel discussion the participants gave presentations on the impact the ERC had exerted on the systems of funding scientific research in their respective countries. Among the speakers was the Deputy Director of the NCN, Ms. Justyna Woźniakowska, who presented the NCN as an institution the functioning of which has in many respects been modelled on that of the ERC. The participants of the EURECIA workshop had also the opportunity to discuss the European horizons for scientific research as well as the cooperation between scientists, research-funding agencies, research institutions and universities.

Photo: (L to R) Richard Whitley (Manchester Business School, University of Manchester), Justyna Woźniakowska, John Smith (chair), Chris Caswill (EURECIA, Advisory Committee)