Thu, 07/23/2020 - 10:30

We are pleased to announce two new winners in the MOZART international bilateral call for Polish-Austrian research projects carried out jointly with the Austrian Science Fund (Fonds zur Förderung der wissenschaftlichen Forschung, FWF). The winners are Dr Tomasz Goliński from the University of Białystok and Prof. Dr hab. Jerzy Kochanowski from the University of Warsaw.

Ranking list

The project of Dr Tomasz Goliński, entitled Banach Poisson-Lie groups and integrable systems, will receive a total of 198,169 PLN in funding and will analyse Poisson structures and new integrable systems related to the Sato Grassmannian with the use of advanced geometry tools. Previous results in the area have revealed some interested structures and a hierarchy of integrable equations; further research will allow better understanding of the geometry and finding new connections to other known problems. The other winner, Prof. Dr hab. Jerzy Kochanowski, was awarded 906,905 PLN for the implementation of A Chink in the System. “Polonia” Companies in 1976-1994. The research will consist of five smaller projects using the tools of social, economic and cultural history to discuss the social and economic consequences of so-called “Polonia” (Polish Diaspora) companies, against the backdrop of the accelerating processes of socialist globalization, economic transformation and social stratification in the final decades of real socialism.

We would also like to remind you that the first winner was Dr hab. Karol Nartowski from the Wroclaw Medical University. You can find more about the project he will carry out under the MOZART call here.

Grants awarded under the scheme can go toward the costs of remuneration for the research team, including scholarships for under- and post-graduate students, the purchase or manufacturing of research equipment and for other costs crucial to the research project. With a total budget of 5.5 million PLN, the call was targeted at Polish research teams working with Austrian partners. To qualify as a principal investigator in a MOZART project, applicants need to hold at least a PhD degree; the project must take 24 or 36 months to complete. The merit-based evaluation of submitted proposals is based on guidelines adopted by the FWF. The terms and conditions of the call set by the FWF can be found in the documents of the “Stand-Alone Projects” programme, and, in the case of clinical trials, in “Programme Clinical Research” (KLIF).

The MOZART call was carried out pursuant to the Lead Agency Procedure (“LAP”) and proposals were accepted on an ongoing basis until 21 February 2020. The results are announced within 12 months from the submission of the NCN proposal, which means that successive ranking lists will be gradually published here.