Mon, 08/31/2020 - 14:14

The CHIST-ERA Network has defined topics for the next call for proposals that will be announced in December 2020:

  • Advanced Brain-Computer Interfaces for Novel Interactions
  • Towards Sustainable ICT.

Researchers are encouraged to start discussing possible projects with prospective partners. The call will require that projects are submitted by international consortia with partners in at least three partcipating countries (the list of countries which have shown preliminary interest in participating in the Call is provided in the pre-announcement on the CHIST-ERA website). The national/regional eligibility criteria will be defined by each participating funding agency.

The anticipated deadline for proposals is 15th February 2021. The projects will be selected in the second half of 2021.

Please note that this pre-announcement is for information purposes only. It does not create any obligation for the CHIST-ERA consortium nor for any of the participating funding organisations. The official call announcement, to be published later, shall prevail.

In preparation for the Call 2020, the national and regional research funding organisations of CHIST-ERA Network invite the researchers to participate in the CHIST-ERA Conference 2020, which will be held on-line on 29-30 September and 1 October 2020.

This event creates an excellent opportunity for the scientific community to directly participate in scoping the call content, discuss with experts and exchanging views on the future of the domains with their peers.

September 29 is dedicated to the topic Advanced Brain-Computer Interfaces for Novel Interactions, September 30 explores the topic Towards Sustainable ICT promising research directions, and October 1 gathers Open Science specialists to exchange on the challenges of Research Practices and Open Research Data in the context of potential CHIST-ERA Open Science Call.

Please check the CHIST-ERA webiste for detailed information.


  • Dr Anna Wieczorek,  the Physical Sciences and Engineering Coordinator Unit, phone: 12 341 9164
  • Alicja Dyląg, International Cooperation Office, phone:  12 341 9069