Fri, 10/30/2020 - 14:11

Today, the decisions will be served concerning proposals that fail the eligibility check in the MAESTRO 12, SONATA BIS 10 and DAINA 2 calls.

The decisions of the NCN Director in an electronic format are served to the applicant’s electronic address specified in the proposal.

  • If the applicant is an institution specified in Article 27 (1) - (7) and Article 27 (1) (9) of the NCN Act, the decision of the NCN Director will be served to the Electronic Correspondence Register (ESP ePUAP) address.
  • If a natural person acting as the applicant specifies an ePUAP address in his/her proposal, the decision will be served to that address.
  • If an applicant (natural person) does not specify his/her ePUAP address, he/she will receive a message to the e-mail address specified in the proposal with the electronic address from which the decision of the NCN Director can be downloaded.
  • If no decision is received, it is recommended to check whether the electronic (ESP, ePUAP, e-mail) address specified in the proposal is correct.
  • If an incorrect address has been provided, contact the NCN Program Officer in charge of the proposal specified in the ZSUN/OSF system.