Tue, 07/12/2011 - 12:15

The Council of the National Science Centre has increased the pool of funds for three of the five calls announced in 2011 for funding research projects in the field of basic research. Through these grants, Polish scientists will receive a total of over PLN 450 million, instead of the previously planned PLN 250 million.

Additional funds will be distributed to researchers who submitted proposals by 17 June under the three calls for proposals announced in March 2011 by the National Science Centre.

The following is allocated for the support of basic research:

  1. for the call for funding of research projects, including financing the purchase or construction of research equipment needed for these projects: PLN 276.5 million (ca. 70 million euro), instead of the previously planned PLN 184 million (ca. 46 million euro );
  2. for the call for PhD holders starting a scientific career: PLN 113 million (about 28 million euro), instead of the planned PLN 50 million (12.5 million euro);
  3. for the call for pre-doctoral applicants starting a scientific career: over PLN 62 million (15.5 million euro) instead of the originally planned PLN 16 million (4 million euro);
  4. for the call for non co-financed international research projects the amount remains unchanged at PLN 50 million (12.5 million euro).

The NCN has received nearly 8,000 entries under the call for proposals closed on 17 June 2011. According to statistics, there was an average of 26 applications competing for every million PLN (250,000 euro) available in the four calls announced in March. Following the Council decision on increasing resources, there are now fewer than 16 applications competing for every million PLN.