TANGO: proof-of-concept type grants, combining basic and applied research

TANGO is a funding scheme that enables researchers to turn their projects in basic research into solutions and products that may benefit populations and economies in a direct way. This funding opportunity is organised by the NCN together with the NCBR (National Centre for Research and Development).

Applicants: researchers who have already received funding for projects in basic research (later referred to as an ‘initial projects’) which show promise of successful implementation.

Application procedure: applicants submit their proposals in a 2-step procedure.

  1. Outline proposal – applications must be submitted to the NCN.
  2. Full proposal – applications must be submitted to the NCBR.

Projects are carried out in two stages:

  1. The concept phase of the project must include actions targeted at planning for the application of the results of the initial project, finding partners interested in taking the results to application and carrying out market analyses which will forecast the demand for a given solution.
  2. The research and development phase consists of conducting industrial research and developmental works, including the creation of projects and prototypes viable for commercial use.

Research team: the Principal Investigator is a person who has managed the initial project or been involved in it as a Key Investigator or Supervisor

Duration: from 3 to 12 months for the concept phase, up to 24 months for the application phase


  • up to PLN 150 000 in the concept phase and up to PLN 1 million in the research and development phase;
  • It is a prerequisite that in order to receive funding the applicant must obtain no less than 15 per cent of the resources required in the research and development phase from an entrepreneur interested in the results of development research

Researchers may apply for funding of costs relevant necessary and directy connected to the proposed research, including:

  • Personnel (including scholarships for pre-doctoral students and post-doc positions)
  • Consumables
  • Consulting services
  • Costs  related  to  intellectual property
  • Travel and subsistence costs
  • Outsourcing
  • Overheads: up to 25%

Application: written in Polish

Evaluation criteria

  • the research portfolio of the Principal Investigator,
  • scientific quality of the initial project results,
  • methodology,
  • scientific excellence of the submitted proposal,
  • economic and societal benefits resulting from project implementation,
  • justification of the planned costs.

Evaluation procedure: 1st stage in NCN – call for proposals and outline proposals evaluation, 2nd stage in NCBR – full proposals evaluation

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