NCN reviewers in 2018 by country

Evaluation of proposals submitted to the NCN is divided into two stages.


In the first stage, the proposals are evaluated in terms of content by experts grouped in expert teams appointed for each call. During a panel meeting each proposal undergoes preliminary evaluation and is either rejected or accepted for the second stage of evaluation, based on the results of peer review performed earlier by two members of the expert meeting.


Proposals accepted in the first phase undergo further evaluation by international external experts. Based on those evaluations the expert panels make final decisions on financing chosen projects. At the second stage of evaluation, most of the accepted proposals will be directed to foreign experts who are chosen following the recommendation of the members of expert teams. Their participation in the process of reviewing proposals is particularly important for the development of Polish science and adds perspective to evaluated proposals.

Instructions for evaluators of the National Science Centre (2nd review panel)



Sessions of the Expert Teams

Sessions of the NCN Expert Teams take place at the registered office of the National Science Centre (the NCN) in Krakow, Poland, at ul. Twardowskiego 16.

Experts who travel to the sessions from outside Krakow will be offered accommodation at a hotel in the vicinity of the NCN for the duration of the Expert Team sessions. Meals during the sessions are also provided.

Regarding hotel bookings for members of Expert Teams, consult Administration Office between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. daily: Aleksandra Rusek,, phone no +48 12 341 91 06, Aleksandra Sienkowiec,, phone no +48 12 341 9119 and Dominika Zych,, phone no +48 12 341 9102.

Payment of salaries to Experts

Experts’ documentation and salaries are handled by the Expert Support Team (contact).

We kindly ask you not to send documents (personal information for tax purposes), completed reviews or receipts for the service by traditional mail.

At the same time, please update your personal data (if there have been any changes) in the OSF system and inform the Expert Support Team.

Reimbursement of travel expenses for foreign members of the Expert Teams

Conditions for reimbursement of travel expenses for foreign members of the Expert Teams – directive no. 50/2019 by the Director of the National Science Centre of 26th July 2019 (translation from Polish).

Attachments to the directive

For issues concerning settlement of travel expenses incurred by the foreign members of the Expert Teams please contact Edyta Perończyk, or Jolanta Pępek,


Calls under evaluation

Evaluation procedures & code of conduct

Procedures of evaluation of proposals by expert teams for regular calls.