Announcement of the call for proposals – UWERTURA 3

Pursuant to Article 20 (1) (2) of the Act on the National Science Centre of 30 April 2010 (Journal of Laws of 2018, item 947, as amended) and NCN Council Resolution No 110/2018 of 8 November 2018, the Director and Council of the National Science Centre hereby announce the UWERTURA 3 call for proposals for fellowships in foreign research teams using ERC grants. 

  • Proposals under the UWERTURA 3  call shall be submitted in an electronic format only via the OSF system at
  • A proposal shall be deemed electronically submitted when its status in the OSF system changes to “submitted”. The applicant shall be responsible for verifying whether his/her proposal has been submitted correctly.
  • The National Science Center has a list of ERC winners who agreed to accept trainees in their research teams. The list will be available on request of candidates. Contact person: dr inż. Ewelina Szymańska-Skolimowska.

Fellowship candidate: a person who has at least a doctorate degree and is intending to apply for funding of research projects at the European Research Council (ERC).

Fellowship duration: 3 to 6 months


  • 15,000 per month, multiplied by the percentage correction rate set for a given country, to cover the costs of staying at a foreign research institution;
  • PLN 1,000 to PLN 10,000, depending on the distance between the applicant’s place of residence.

Fellowship candidates must:

  1. hold at least a doctorate degree;
  1. be employed on the basis of a contract of employment by the research institution acting as the applicant;
  2. have conducted a research project funded or recommended for funding under calls for proposals announced and carried out by the NCN as a principal investigator;
  3. not be an ERC grantee;

Evaluation criteria:

  • whether or not the criterion of basic research is fulfilled,
  • research achievements of the fellowship candidate,
  • quality of research to be performed under the research project as regards the likelihood of receiving funding under an ERC call, and
  • appropriate choice of the ERC grantee and the host institution hosting the fellowship.

Evaluation procedure: two-stage evaluation. First stage: evaluation by two members of the Expert Team and decision of the Expert Team to qualify the applicant for the second stage of evaluation. Second stage: interview with a fellowship candidate in English and final grade agreed by the Expert Team.

Call timeline

UWERTURA 3 – call documentation:

  1. NCN Council Resolution on the terms of conducting the UWERTURA 3 call for proposals – text
  2. List of countries where ERC fellowship can be planned under the UWERTURA 3 call for proposals – text
  3. Flat-rate funds to cover the cost of travel of a fellowship candidate under the UWERTURA 3 call for proposals – text
  4. Data required in the proposal for funding of a foreign fellowship and annexes thereto – text
  5. Principles of evaluating proposals submitted under the UWERTURA call for proposals (Annex No 4 to NCN Council Resolution No 110/2018 of 8 November 2018) – text
  6. Template of the ERC grantee's approval of the fellowship by the candidate– text
  7. NCN Panels – text
  8. Code of the National Science Centre on Research Integrity and Applying for Research Funding – text
  9. Recommendations of the NCN Council with regard to research involving human subjects – text
  10. Rules for granting state aid – text

UWERTURA 3 – main changes

PLEASE NOTE: On 5 July 2018, the NCN Council adopted new discipline panels (containing disciplines or groups of disciplines) attached to NCN Council Resolution No 66/2018. Please, read it carefully - text

Furthermore, please read the detailed call documentation and information for applicants at

Instructions for submitting proposals under the UWERTURA 3 call


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