Sending documents to the National Science Centre

Friday, 20 March 2020

In order to facilitate our Beneficiaries to perform their duties arising under grant agreements (agreements for funding of research projects, post-doctoral fellowships, doctoral scholarships and research activities), including agreements pursuant to which written documents (hard copies) must be delivered, final reports, annual reports, annexes and other correspondence arising under the powers of the grantees will be considered as duly submitted, provided that they bear a qualified electronic signature of the competent persons and are delivered to the Electronic Correspondence Register (/ncn/SktytkaESP) available in the ePUAP system.

The foregoing should be regarded as a right rather than obligation, hence the obligations performed as provided for in the grant agreements (i.e. annual or final reports submitted in writing) will be fully accepted by the National Science Centre.

Nevertheless, the electronic delivery of correspondence is widely encouraged. 

NCN director’s letter on the delivery of documents to the National Science Centre.

Please remember!

Submission dates for annual and final reports have been postponed

Consider rescheduling trips to foreign research centres funded under the calls launched by the National Science Centre

You can contact NCN officers by e-mail

The opening hours of the Correspondence Registration Office (Dziennik Podawczy) have been changed