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The Award of the National Science Centre was established by the NCN Council in 2013. It is a distinction for young researchers up to the age of 40 for significant achievements in basic research carried out in Poland evidenced by publications affiliated with Polish research institutions. The NCN Award of PLN 50,000 has been awarded every year in three research areas: Arts, Humanities, Social and Sciences, Life Sciences, and Physical Sciences and Engineering.

The NCN Award is granted pursuant to the Regulations adopted by the NCN Council pursuant to Resolution No 14/2019 of 14 February 2019 and approved by the Minister of Science and Higher Education.

Candidates for the Award may be presented by the NCN Council members, Polish Chairs of the Expert Teams evaluating proposals submitted to NCN calls, previous Polish experts evaluating proposals to the MAESTRO call as well as former NCN Award winners and other significant researcher selected by the Director and NCN Council.

Nominees are selected by the Chapter, which includes the Director, NCN Council members and representatives of the Award funders.

The NCN Award is a platform for cooperation between the world of science and business. From the very beginning, the Award has been co-funded by Polish companies, including family-run enterprises and large companies. We cooperate to support and promote Polish basic research. Our partners have included the following companies: Adamed, ASTOR, Bemo Motors, Biprostal S.A, Celon Pharma, Colian, EDF Polska, Enel-Med, FBN Poland, Fundacja KGHM Polska Miedź, Grupa Azoty, Koksoprojekt BIS, Meble Vox, Netbox, Orange, PGE, PGNiG, and Yes.

Former NCN Award Winners

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