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HS – Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences

ID NCN Panel name Disciplines
HS1Fundamental questions of human existence and the nature of realityphilosophy, cognition, religious studies, theology
HS1_001History of philosophy (ancient, medieval, modern and contemporary) and history of ideas
HS1_002Ontology and metaphysics, particular ontologies
HS1_003Epistemology (incl. sources of knowledge, criteria of truth, philosophy of language)
HS1_004Logic, science methodology, philosophy of science
HS1_005Philosophy of human, theories of personality, philosophy of culture, social philosophy
HS1_006Nature of human mind (incl. mind’s evolution, bio-psychological conditions of cognition, artificial intelligence)
HS1_007Ethics: normative and descriptive, theory of morality, bioethics, professional ethics
HS1_008Aesthetics (incl. theory of beauty, language of art)
HS1_009Theory of religion, history of religion, religious studies
HS1_0010Religion and its background: anthropological, cultural, social and psychological
HS1_011Language of religion, sacrum, myth, religious symbolism
HS1_012World religions
HS1_013Fundamental theology
HS1_014Dogmatic theology, biblical theology, patristics
HS1_015Moral theology, pastoral theology, liturgics
HS1_016Other related subjects
HS2Culture and cultural productionliterary theory and comparative literature, history of literature, linguistics, library science, cultural studies, arts, architecture
HS2_001History of literature (incl. ancient, modern, contemporary; national and world literature), literary criticism and interpretation
HS2_002Theory of literature, history of literary studies, methodology and trends in literary and cultural studies, anthropology of literature, comparative literature, literary and cultural translatology
HS2_003Editorial and philological studies, lexical and encyclopedic studies, documentation and bibliographical studies
HS2_004Bibliology and theory of information
HS2_005History of language and dialectology, modern language research and discourse analysis, textology, linguistic translatology
HS2_006General linguistics, theory and methodology of linguistic research
HS2_007Communication studies, theory of applied linguistics
HS2_008History and theory of art, visual arts, visual culture
HS2_009Conservation and restoration
HS2_010Museums and exhibitions
HS2_011Music and musicology, history of music
HS2_012Performing arts
HS2_013Film and audiovisual media
HS2_014Cultural studies (incl. contemporary cultural studies and cultural-anthropological studies)
HS2_015Other related subjects
HS3The study of the human pasthistory, archaeology, ethnology, cultural anthropology
HS3_001Early history (ancient, medieval, early modern history), modern and contemporary history (19th - 20th c.)
HS3_002Social history
HS3_003Political history (incl. political systems)
HS3_004Economic history
HS3_005Cultural history (incl. historical memory, history of material culture, historical cultural studies, cultural diversity)
HS3_006Historiography, theory and methods of history
HS3_007Archival science
HS3_008Archaeology (incl. archaeology of Greece and Rome, archaeology of Egypt and Nubia, archaeology of Near East, archeology of the New World, pre- and protohistorical archaeology, archaeology of early medieval period, medieval archeology, archeology of modern period)
HS3_009Numismatics and epigraphy
HS3_011Ethnography and cultural anthropology (incl. descriptions of traditional cultures, anthropology of magic, worship and religion, cultural change and global processes, anthropology of socio-cultural, ethnic and identity phenomena)
HS3_012Cultural heritage, cultural memory (incl. inventory of monuments and monuments of culture, local history)
HS3_013Other related subjects
HS4Individuals, institutions, marketseconomics, finance, management, demography, social and economic geography, urban studies
HS4_001Macroeconomics (incl. economic balance, economic growth, business cycles in global economy, labour economics)
HS4_002Microeconomics, institutional economics
HS4_003Econometrics, statistical methods
HS4_004Population dynamics, demographic processes
HS4_005Resources and sustainable development
HS4_006Financial markets, international finance, public finance
HS4_007Banking, corporate finance, accounting
HS4_008Behavioral economics, consumption and consumer behavior, marketing
HS4_009Organization studies, strategic management, concepts and methods of management, logistics
HS4_010Human resource management, employment and salaries
HS4_011Public economics, social infrastructure, public administration
HS4_012Living conditions and standards, income distribution, poverty
HS4_013International economics
HS4_014Human and social geography
HS4_015Land management, urban studies
HS4_016Other related subjects
HS5Norms and governancelaw, political studies, regional and social policies
HS5_001Theory and philosophy of law, history of law and legal thought
HS5_002Constitutional law, human rights, international law and international organizations
HS5_003Public and social law, public governance
HS5_004Penal law
HS5_005Civil law
HS5_006Political theory and political thought
HS5_007Political systems and movements; international relations
HS5_008Regional policy
HS5_009Social policy (incl. social security, NGOs, social aid, social gerontology, governance and institutions of social dialogue)
HS5_010Security and defence
HS5_011Other related subjects
HS6Human nature and human societypsychology, pedagogy/education studies, sociology
HS6_001General psychology (cognitive processes, emotions, motivations, personality, individual differences), experimental psychology, psycholinguistics
HS6_002Social, political, environmental and intercultural psychology
HS6_003Clinical, health, correctional, rehabilitation psychology; clinical neuropsychology
HS6_004Psychology of development, family, parenting, education
HS6_005Evolutionary and comparative psychology, genetics of behaviour, psychophysiology, neuropsychology
HS6_006Economic psychology, psychology of labour, organization, marketing and advertising
HS6_007History of psychology, methodology, psychometrics, psychological diagnostics
HS6_008General, comparative and cultural pedagogy
HS6_009Social pedagogy and andragogy, social prevention and resocialization
HS6_010Special needs education
HS6_011Teaching and higher education
HS6_012Theory and philosophy of parenting, history of teaching
HS6_013Theoretical sociology, methodology and empirical studies
HS6_014Social structure and social dynamics, environmental change and society
HS6_015Sociology of ideas, power, norms, organizations
HS6_016Sociology of culture and social communication (including media studies, journalism, Internet communication)
HS6_017Economic sociology and sociology of education
HS6_018Sociology of development: local, regional and global level
HS6_019Social problems and pragmatics of sociology
HS6_020Public space
HS6_021Other related subjects

ST – Physical Sciences and Engineering

ID NCN Panel name Disciplines
ST1Mathematicsall areas of mathematics, pure and applied, as well as mathematical foundations of computer science, physics and statistics
ST1_001Logic and foundations
ST1_003Number theory
ST1_004Algebraic and complex geometry
ST1_007Lie groups, Lie algebras
ST1_009Operator algebras and functional analysis
ST1_010Ordinary differential equations and dynamical systems
ST1_011Partial differential equations
ST1_012Mathematical methods of physics
ST1_013Probability and statistics
ST1_014Discrete mathematics and combinatorics
ST1_015Mathematical aspects of computer science
ST1_016Numerical analysis
ST1_017Applied mathematics
ST1_018Control theory and optimisation
ST1_019Other related subjects
ST2Fundamental constituents of matterparticle, nuclear, plasma, atomic, molecular, gas and optical physics
ST2_001Fundamental interactions and fields
ST2_002Particle physics
ST2_003Nuclear physics
ST2_004Nuclear astrophysics
ST2_005Gas and plasma physics
ST2_006Electricity and magnetism
ST2_007Atomic and molecular physics
ST2_008Ultracold atoms and molecules
ST2_009Optics, non-linear optics and nano-optics
ST2_010Quantum optics and quantum information
ST2_011Lasers, ultrashort pulses and laser physics
ST2_012Relativity and gravitation
ST2_014Non-linear phenomena
ST2_015Metrology and measurement methods
ST2_016Statistical physics (gases)
ST2_017Complex systems
ST2_019Foundations of physics, mathematical physics
ST2_020Other related subjects
ST3Condensed matter physicsstructure, electronic properties, fluids, nanosciences, biological physics
ST3_001Structure of solids, material growth and characterisation
ST3_002Mechanical and acoustical properties of condensed matter, lattice dynamics
ST3_003Transport properties of condensed matter
ST3_004Electronic properties of materials, surfaces, interfaces, nanostructures, etc.
ST3_005Physical properties of semiconductors and insulators
ST3_006 Macroscopic quantum phenomena: superconductivity, superfluidity, etc.
ST3_008Magnetism and strongly correlated systems
ST3_009Condensed matter interactions with beams of photons, electrons, etc.
ST3_010Nanophysics: nanoelectronics, nanophotonics, nanomagnetism, nanoelectromechanics, etc.
ST3_011Mesoscopic physics
ST3_012Molecular electronics
ST3_013Structure and dynamics of disordered systems, soft matter, etc.
ST3_014Fluid dynamics (physics)
ST3_015Statistical physics of condensed matter, phase transitions, noise and fluctuations, etc.
ST3_016Physics of biological systems
ST3_017Other related subjects
ST4Chemistryphysical chemistry/chemical physics, theoretical chemistry, analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, method development
ST4_001Physical chemistry, chemical physics
ST4_002Spectroscopic and spectrometric techniques
ST4_003Molecular architecture and structure
ST4_004Theoretical and computational chemistry
ST4_005Analytical chemistry
ST4_006Instrumental methods in chemistry
ST4_007Electrochemistry, microfluidics in chemistry, sensors
ST4_008Organic chemistry
ST4_009Biological chemistry
ST4_010Polymer and biopolymer chemistry
ST4_011Coordination and supramolecular chemistry
ST4_013Solid-state chemistry, surface physicochemistry
ST4_015Colloid chemistry
ST4_016Ionic liquids
ST4_017Chemical reactions: mechanisms, thermodynamics, kinetics
ST4_018Radiation and nuclear chemistry
ST4_019Environmental chemistry
ST4_020Inorganic chemistry
ST4_021Other related subjects
ST5Materialsmaterials synthesis, structure-properties relations, advanced and functional materials with designed properties, (macro)molecular architecture, material engineering
ST5_001Structural properties of materials
ST5_002Solid-state materials
ST5_003Surface modification
ST5_004Thin films
ST5_005Polymer materials
ST5_006Porous materials, ceramics, glasses
ST5_007Composites, organic-inorganic hybrid materials, etc.
ST5_008Metals, alloys
ST5_009Biomaterials, biocompatible materials
ST5_010Functional materials/nanomaterials, nanoparticles
ST5_011Smart materials – self assembled materials, external stimuli-responsive materials
ST5_012Methods of nanomaterials/materials synthesis
ST5_013Research methods on materials/nanomaterials properties
ST5_014Other related subjects
ST6Computer science and informaticsinformatics and information systems, computer science, scientific computing, intelligent systems
ST6_001Computer architecture, ubiquitous computing
ST6_002Computer systems, parallel/distributed systems, sensor networks, embedded systems, cyber-physical systems
ST6_003Software engineering, operating systems, software development methods, programming languages
ST6_004Formal methods, foundations of computer science, including theoretical computer science, quantum algorithms
ST6_005Cryptography, security, privacy, quantum computing
ST6_006Algorithms, parallel, distributed and network algorithms, algorithmic game theory
ST6_007Artificial intelligence, intelligent systems, multi-agent systems
ST6_008Computer graphics, image processing, computer vision, multimedia, computer games
ST6_009Human computer interaction, speech recognition and synthesis, natural language processing
ST6_010Web and information systems, database systems, internet technologies, including information retrieval and digital libraries
ST6_011Machine learning, statistical data processing and applications using signal processing (e.g. speech, image, video)
ST6_012Scientific computing, simulation and modelling tools
ST6_013Bioinformatics, biocomputing, DNA and molecular computation
ST6_014Other related subjects
ST7Systems and communication engineeringelectronics, communication, optoelectronics
ST7_001Control engineering in automation and robotics
ST7_002Electrical engineering: power components and/or systems
ST7_003Simulation engineering and modelling
ST7_004Micro- and nanosystems engineering
ST7_005Micro- and nanelectronic, optoelectronic and photonic components
ST7_006Communication technology, high-frequency technology
ST7_007Signal processing
ST7_008Communication networks
ST7_009Man-machine interfaces
ST7_010Hardware implementation of algorithms
ST7_011Electronic, optoelectronic and photonic components and systems for applications (e.g. in biomedical engineering)
ST7_012Electrical energy production, distribution and application
ST7_013Other related subjects
ST8Production and processes engineeringmodelling, product design, process design and control, construction methods and engineering, power units and systems
ST8_001Chemical engineering, technical chemistry, environmental engineering, sanitary engineering, engineering of chemical processes
ST8_002Maritime/hydraulic/water engineering, civil engineering, aerospace engineering
ST8_003Computational engineering, computer-aided modelling, design and manufacturing
ST8_004Fluid mechanics, technical thermodynamics
ST8_005Power systems (production, distribution)
ST8_006Mechatronics, fine mechanics
ST8_007Machine design (modelling, shaping, machining)
ST8_008Mechanics of solids
ST8_009Industrial design, product and device design, ergonomics, human-machine interaction
ST8_010Technical aspects of architecture, urban studies and spatial planning
ST8_011Production planning and control
ST8_012Technical aspects of transport
ST8_013Architectural acoustics
ST8_014Other related subjects
ST9Astronomy and space scienceastrophysics, astrochemistry, astrobiology, solar system, planetary systems, stellar, galactic and extragalactic astronomy, space science, instrumentation
ST9_001Solar and interplanetary physics
ST9_002Planets and small bodies of the solar system
ST9_003Interstellar medium
ST9_004Formation of stars and planets
ST9_005Extrasolar planetary systems
ST9_007Stars and stellar systems
ST9_008The Galaxy
ST9_009Formation and evolution of galaxies
ST9_010Clusters of galaxies and large-scale structures of the Universe
ST9_011High energy and particle astrophysics: X-rays, gamma rays, cosmic rays, neutrinos
ST9_012Relativistic astrophysics
ST9_013Dark matter, dark energy
ST9_014Gravitational-wave astronomy
ST9_016Earth science with satellite techniques
ST9_017Large data bases: archiving, handling and analysis
ST9_018Observational and satellite techniques, telescopes, detectors
ST9_019Other related subjects
ST10Earth sciencesEarth system science, atmospheric sciences, climatology, geochemistry, geodesy, geoecology, geophysics, physical geography, geoinformatics, planetary geology, pedology, mining, chemical and physical oceanology, environmental protection
ST10_001Chemistry and physics of the atmosphere, atmospheric pollution
ST10_002Climatology, meteorology, climate change
ST10_003Physics of the Earth's interior, seismology, geomagnetism, Earth’s gravity field
ST10_004Geochemistry, biogeochemistry
ST10_005Mineralogy, petrology, volcanology, economic geology
ST10_006Earth evolution, sedimentology, tectonics, regional geology, marine geology, planetary geology
ST10_007Geomorphology, cryosphere, global and regional changes of the Earth's landscape
ST10_008Paleontology, stratigraphy, geochronology
ST10_009Geophysics, geomechanics, geotechnical engineering, engineering geology, mining
ST10_010Hydrogeology, hydrology, water cycle, water pollution
ST10_011Marine physics and chemistry
ST10_012Geodesy, cartography, geographic information systems, Earth observations from space and by remote sensing
ST10_013Geoecosystem: atmosphere-morphosphere-lithosphere, pedosphere, hydrosphere, biosphere, anthroposphere
ST10_014Soil science, soil pollution
ST10_015Paleoclimatology, paleoecology
ST10_016Changes/shaping and protection of the natural environment

NZ – Life Sciences

ID NCN Panel name Disciplines
NZ1Molecular biology, structural biology, biotechnologymolecular biology, structural biology, biotechnology
NZ1_001Molecular biology
NZ1_004Structural biology
NZ1_005Genetic engineering
NZ1_006Synthetic biology
NZ1_007Cell engineering
NZ1_008Tissue engineering
NZ1_011Other related subjects
NZ2Genetics, genomicsmolecular genetics, genomics, proteomics, bioinformatics, systems biology, genetic epidemiology
NZ2_001Molecular genetics
NZ2_002Genomics, transcriptomics, epigenomics
NZ2_005Cell genetics
NZ2_008Computational biology
NZ2_009Systems biology
NZ2_010Biological systems analysis, modelling and simulation
NZ2_011Genetic epidemiology
NZ2_012Other related subjects
NZ3Cellular and developmental biologycell biology, developmental biology, ageing biology, neurobiology
NZ3_001Cell biology
NZ3_002Cell physiology
NZ3_005Molecular neurobiology
NZ3_006Cell neurobiology
NZ3_007Signal transduction
NZ3_008Stem cell biology
NZ3_010Developmental genetics in plants
NZ3_011Developmental biology in plants
NZ3_012Developmental genetics in animals
NZ3_013Developmental biology in animals
NZ3_014Other related subjects
NZ4Biology of tissues, organs and organismsmorphology and functions of animal's and human's systems, organs and organisms, experimental medicine, basics of neurology
NZ4_003Comparative physiology
NZ4_005Anatomical pathology
NZ4_009Systems neurobiology
NZ4_010Neuroimaging and computational neuroscience
NZ4_012Other related subjects
NZ5Human and animal noninfectious diseasesetiology, mechanisms, diagnosis and treatment of diseases, poisonings and injuries (without neurological diseases)
NZ5_001Etiology of human diseases
NZ5_002Etiology of animal diseases
NZ5_003Pathogenesis of human diseases
NZ5_004Pathogenesis of animal diseases
NZ5_005Diagnostics in human diseases
NZ5_006Diagnostics in animal diseases
NZ5_007Human disease treatment
NZ5_008Animal disease treatment
NZ5_009Other related subjects
NZ6Human and animal immunology and infectionimmunity, immune disorders, immunotherapy, infectious and invasive diseases, microbiology, transplantology, allergology
NZ6_001Adaptive and innate immunity
NZ6_002Clinical immunology
NZ6_003Animal immunology
NZ6_008Other related subjects
NZ7Diagnostic tools, therapies and public healthpublic health, epidemiology, environmental health risks and occupational medicine, medical ethics, drug discovery and therapies, pharmacology
NZ7_002Environment and health risks
NZ7_003Physical culture and health promotion
NZ7_004Prevention in population health
NZ7_005Health services, health care research
NZ7_006Occupational medicine
NZ7_009Medical ethics
NZ7_010Veterinary ethics
NZ7_011Veterinary healthcare
NZ7_012Prevention of human diseases
NZ7_013Prevention of animal diseases
NZ7_014Pharmacy, pharmacotherapy, pharmacology
NZ7_016Other related subjects
NZ8Evolutionary and environmental biologyevolution, ecology, population biology, biodiversity, biogeography
NZ8_001Evolutionary biology
NZ8_003Animal behaviour
NZ8_006Marine biology
NZ8_009Population genetics
NZ8_010Taxonomy and phylogenetic
NZ8_013Human biology and ecology
NZ8_014Other related subjects
NZ9Fundamentals of applied life sciences and biotechnologyagricultural, forestry, horticulture, animal production and fishery, food and nutrition sciences, industrial biosciences, environmental biotechnology and remediation
NZ9_002Animal production
NZ9_005Aquaculture, fisheries
NZ9_006Environment protection
NZ9_007Nutrition and food sciences
NZ9_008Environmental microbiology
NZ9_009Environmental biotechnology
NZ9_011Biohazards, biological containment, biosafety, biosecurity
NZ9_012Conservation of genetic resources
NZ9_013Other related subjects