Wed, 06/25/2014 - 11:47

The National Science Centre has published a new edition of its calls for proposals addressed to advanced researchers, researchers wanting to carry out projects in international cooperation, and those who have been awarded PhDs between 2 and 12 years prior to submitting. The calls are open until the 16th of September, 2014.

The MAESTRO funding opportunity, running for the sixth time in three years, has been designed for advanced researchers. Authors of projects submitted under this scheme must be intending to conduct pioneering research (which may include an interdisciplinary component) that is important for the advancement of human knowledge and may result in discoveries. € 16.6 million has been assigned for projects that are successful under this call.

MAESTRO 6 offers an opportunity for authors of innovative research, of import not only at home but on a global scale. With so much at stake, experts reviewing proposals submitted under this scheme are committed to the principle of recommending quality projects that are groundbreaking in nature, said professor Andrzej Jajszczyk, director of the NCN.

Eligible proposals will be from researchers with at least a doctoral degree, who – over the last 10 years – have acted as Principal Investigators to at least two research projects, had their papers published in renowned journals, and have been active scholars (e.g. took part in international conferences).

We want our funding schemes to be responsive to the actual needs of Polish researchers; when setting out to publish a new call, we make sure to to take into account all the feedback coming from the researchers themselves. For MAESTRO 6 and SONATA BIS 4, we have raised the ceiling of funding per project by one third, the director said.

HARMONIA 6 caters for the needs of researchers planning to collaborate on projects with partners from around the world or using international research facilities. Total funding in HARMONIA 6 amounts to almost € 12 million.

SONATA BIS 4 is a funding opportunity where grants are made to research projects that entail setting up a new research team. It welcomes applications from PhD holders who have received their degree between 2 and 12 years before submitting the proposal. More than € 14 million will be distributed to successful applicants.

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