Wed, 01/18/2017 - 14:43

NCN together with JPI AMR network is pleased to announce a new call on antimicrobial resistance: Comparison of prevention, control, and intervention strategies for AMR infections through multidisciplinary studies, including One Health approaches. Funding is available for international research projects that involve at least three researchers from three different eligible countries.

Countries participating in the call:

Belgium, Canada, Czech Republic, Germany, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Latvia, the Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Romania, Spain,  Sweden, Switzerland

Call timetable:

21 March 2017 r. – deadline for pre-proposals

May 2017 – invitation to submit full proposals

4 July 2017 r. – deadline for full proposals

October 2017 r. – call results

One joint proposal document (in English, and following the provided template) shall be prepared by the project participants of a joint transnational proposal, and must be submitted to the Joint Call Secretariat by the coordinator.

Call documentation:

  1. Call Text
  2. Proposal Application Form
  3. Specific Regulations

Partner search tool

Applicants are also invited to use Partner Search Tool, a development facilitating matches between potential partners with similar ideas. It gives the opportunity to express interest either in joining a research proposal or to search for partner(s) for an existing proposal.

Information for Polish applicants:

  1. On the full proposal stage Polish applicants must register their applications in the OSF submission system (UNISONO application). This application includes the following budget table.
  2. Budget of the Polish part of the research project in the OSF system should be given in PLN (1 EUR= 4,3728 PLN).
  3. We strongly encourage all applicants to read information on eligible costs included in the Annex to NCN Council’s Resolution on funding granted within calls for proposals for international research projects (UNISONO, p. 6-13).
  4. If one international project includes partners from two different Polish Host Institutions, these institutions must apply as a consortium. Each Host Institution comprising the consortium has a separate budget, but the limit on the remuneration applies to the consortium as a whole (UNISONO, p. 9-10).
  5. Projects including Polish teams may last 24 or 36 months.


dr Malwina Gębalska,, tel. +48 12 341 9017

dr Jerzy Frączek,, tel. +48 12 341 9165