Tue, 03/20/2018 - 14:46

We would like to invite researchers to submit proposals under M-ERA.NET 2 call for proposals. The call targets research in the following topics:

  • Multiscale modeling for materials engineering and processing (M3EP)
  • Innovative surfaces, coatings and interfaces
  • High performance composites
  • Functional materials
  • New strategies for advanced material-based technologies in health applications
  • Materials for additive manufacturing

The timetable for applications is:

  • Pre-proposals to be submitted: 12th of June 2018, 12:00 Central European Time,
  • Shortlisted applicants to submit full proposals 8th of November 2018, 12:00 Central European Time.

Applications must be submitted by at least 3 partners from at least 2 different countries participating in the call.

Countries participating in the call

Both the National Science Centre (NCN) and the National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR) are members of the M-ERA network. Applicants whose projects meet basic research criterion (TRL 1-4) can apply to the NCN, and they do not have to involve an industrial partner. Researchers whose project start from TRL 3-6 and achieve TRL 5-8 can apply to the NCBR and the involvement of an industrial partner is mandatory.

Detailed information about M-ERA.NET 2 Call

Additional information for NCN applicants

  1. According to UNISONO (please see pp. 2-3), the budget of the project is subject to evaluation at the pre-proposal stage. Therefore, the leaders of Polish research teams are requested to send the budget table of the Polish part of the project to: anna.kotarba@ncn.gov.pl, no later than June 12, 2018.
  2. On the full proposal stage Polish applicants must register their applications in the ZSUN/OSF submission system (UNISONO application). The application includes the following budget table.
  3. We strongly encourage all applicants to read information on eligible costs included in the Annex to NCN Council’s Resolution on funding granted within calls for proposals for international research projects (UNISONO, s. 5-12).
  4. If one international project includes partners from two different Polish Host Institutions, these institutions must apply as a consortium. Each Host Institution comprising the consortium has a separate budget, but the limit on the remuneration, referred to in paragraph 2.1.2 of the above mentioned document, applies to the consortium as a whole [please see UNISONO, p. 8-9: 2.1.2 a) i b)]. Please note that Polish consortia have higher limits on the remuneration.
  5. Budget of the Polish part of the research project in the ZSUN/OSF system should be given in PLN (1 EUR= 4,2024 PLN).
  6. We invite all researchers who plan to submit applications within M-ERA.NET 2 call to contact the NCN.


Weronika Bieniasz, tel. 12 341 9156

Anna Kotarba, tel. 12 341 9091