Mon, 03/02/2020 - 14:10

At the February session of the Council of the National Science Centre, upon the motion of the NCN Director, members of the Council expressed their approval for a new open access policy to publications created as a result of research projects funded entirely or in part from NCN resources. The obligation to ensure open access to published research findings will apply to all projects recommended for funding under calls announced on 16 June 2020.

Together with open access to research data, open access to published research findings represents a coherent policy of the National Science Centre as part of a broader framework of Open Science, aimed at transparency in the dissemination of research findings by researchers funded from public funds.

In September 2018, the NCN Director, together with 10 leaders of European research-funding agencies established what is now known as the cOAlition S, which prioritises a shift toward full and instant (no temporary embargo) access to publications presenting the results of studies carried out as part of research projects funded or co-funded from public sources. cOAlition S has laid down its priorities in a document known as Plan S. More information about Plan S can be found on the cOAlition S website and in a file entitled Publication routes in accordance with Plan S.

The first signatories of cOAlition S also include the Research Council of Norway, which means that, due to the cOAlition S's requirements and the national open access policy introduced by Norway in 2017, the obligation to ensure full access to published research findings will already apply to projects funded under the GRIEG call.