Mon, 07/20/2020 - 13:18

The results of the eighth ETIUDA call are now in. The National Science Centre will fund 84 scholarships for PhD students who carry out basic research at the outset of their academic careers.

Ranking list

ETIUDA is addressed at individuals who are doctoral school students or have initiated PhD dissertation proceedings at a Polish research or institution authorised to award PhD degrees. 448 young PhD students submitted proposals in the eighth edition of the call and 84 were awarded funding, which gives a success rate of 18.75%. Early stage researchers will receive scholarships of PLN 5,000 per month for as long as they work on their PhD dissertation and complete a 3- to 6-month fellowship at a foreign research institution of their choice. The amount awarded to cover foreign living expenses equals PLN 12,000 per month, multiplied by the correction rate for a given country; in addition, up to PLN 10,000 can be awarded for travel expenses. Early stage researchers will thus receive a total of PLN 10,112,948.

Funding under the ETIUDA 8 call was available to researchers from different disciplines, divided into three basic domains: Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences; Physical Sciences and Engineering; and Life Sciences. The proposals were subject to an eligibility check and merit-based evaluation by scientific coordinators and expert teams. The final verdict depended on the following criteria: compliance with the basic research criterion, the quality of research or tasks, research achievements of the applicant and appropriate choice of the foreign fellowship location as well as the development of the proposal, merit-based review and interview.

ETIUDA 8 researchers must earn their PhD degree within 12 months of the scholarship end date and not earlier than 6 months from the scholarship start date. The foreign fellowship should be completed during the period in which the scholarship is collected or within a year from its end. The funding of the PhD scholarship will start on 1 October 2020.

You can find the ranking list of ETIUDA 8 here.