Mon, 05/15/2023 - 13:44
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49 researchers from all over Poland to receive funds from the National Science Centre for preliminary/pilot studies, library and archive searches, fellowships, research visits and/ or consultations. The National Science Centre to allocate over 2 million PLN for single research activities.

A research activity on a housing market is among 11 winning projects in Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences. It will be carried out by Ewelina Badura from the Cracow University of Economics who will research housing cooperatives - a new tool in the development of housing construction and their potential to improve access to housing.

20 scientists will join the group of MINIATURA 7 winners in Physical Sciences and Engineering. The winning projects will include research activities focusing on the current environmental problems. Aleksandra Wdowczyk from the Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences will conduct preliminary research on the treatment of leachate from municipal waste landfills in vegetation activated sludge systems.

18 winning projects were selected in Life Sciences. A single research activity on food production will be pursued by Piotr Eljasik from the West Pomeranian University of Technology in Szczecin. His research will include preliminary characteristics of water microbiome in carp pond aquaculture.

All topics of research activities recommended for funding are published on the ranking list.

Ranking Lists for MINIATURA 7

Funding allocated:

  • Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences: 376,795 PLN
  • Physical Sciences and Engineering: 780,753 PLN
  • Life Sciences: 831,060 PLN

The total value of research activities that made it to the second ranking list in MINIATURA 7 is over 2,038,112 PLN.

The purpose of the MINIATURA call is to support research activities promoting the development of a concept for projects submitted to NCN calls or other national or international calls. MINIATURA 7 offers funding of 5,000 PLN to 50,000 PLN, with the total call budget of 20 million PLN.

The funds will be divided proportionally throughout the call period and proposals will only be recommended for funding if they are within the pool of funds available for a given month.

Funds for preliminary/pilot studies, library and archive searches, fellowships, research visits and/ or consultations of up to 12 months may be requested by researchers who had their PhD degree conferred after 1 January 2011, have not acted as principal investigators in any of the projects funded by the National Science Centre, and whose scientific achievements include at least one paper published or at least one artistic achievement or achievement in research in art. Researchers chosen to perform a research activity must not be winning applicants of an ETIUDA call for doctoral scholarships or a call for fellowships funded by the NCN, and must not be applicants, principal investigators or fellowship candidates in proposals submitted to or recommended for funding in other NCN calls. Furthermore, on the proposal submission date they must be employed by the host institution for the research activity pursuant to an employment contract.

Service of decisions

On 15 May 2023, decisions on proposal submitted to MINIATURA 7 in February 2023 were served.

Justifications are available in the OSF submission systems. Please check the proposal status in the OSF submission system.

The decisions are served to the applicant in an electronic format, to the address of the Electronic Delivery Box (ESP (ePUAP) address) specified in the proposal. Applicants who have not received a decision should check if their ESP (ePUAP) address specified in the proposal is correct and those who provided a wrong address should contact the NCN Program Officer in charge of the proposal specified in the OSF submission system.