Thu, 05/25/2023 - 16:11
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The Trans-Atlantic Platform (T-AP) for Social Sciences and Humanities, an unprecedented collaboration between humanities and social science research funders from South America, North America, Europe and Africa, is pleased to announce a new call for international research proposals on Democracy, Governance and Trust (hereinafter: T-AP DGT Call 2023). The National Science Centre (hereinafter: NCN) will join the new T-AP Call as a Partner agency, funding successful Polish research teams with the amount of EUR 600k.

Scope of the call

The T-AP DGT Call 2023 will cover the following 9 themes:

  1. Concepts, understandings and models of democracy, governance and trust;
  2. Education; 
  3. Media, information and communication;
  4. Economies and economic systems;
  5. Identities, discrimination, marginalization and inequalities; 
  6. Ecosystems and environments; 
  7. Epistemologies, knowledge and expertise; 
  8. History and culture; 
  9. Power, authority and conflict.

Detailed scope of the Call will be published in the Call Announcement on the T-AP’s website.


Research proposals may be submitted by international consortia composed of at least 3 research teams from at least 3 countries participating in the call from both sides of the Atlantic (e.g. Poland-Brazil-South Africa).

The following funding organizations intend to join the T-AP DGT Call 2023**

** Final decision pending

Tentative Timeline

Call announcement

15 June 2023

Deadline to submit compulsory Notice of Intent to apply form (NOI)

15 September 2023

Deadline to submit Full Proposal

6 November 2023

Notice of funding decision

June-August 2024

Successful projects start date

September 2024

The T-AP DGT Call is expected to be launched on 15th June 2023. Please note that this pre-announcement is for informational purposes only. It does not create any obligation for the T-AP nor for any of the participating funding organizations. All information provided in this pre-announcement is subject to change. The official call announcement will be published on the T-AP ( and NCN ( websites.

If you have any questions, please contact Call Secretariat: dgtcall (at)

or NCN’s Officers