EEA and Norway Grants Team

Dr Marzena Oliwkiewicz-Miklasińska, Head of EEA and Norway Grants Team, tel.: +48 12 341 9151, e-mail:

Barbara Świątkowska, EEA and Norway Grants Officer tel.: +48 12 341 9150, e-mail:

Joanna Węgrzycka, EEA and Norway Grants Officer, tel.: +48 12 341 9188, e-mail:

General e-mail:

GRIEG call:

Joanna Jamróz, phone: +48 12 341 9076,

Monika Kapka, phone: +48 12 341 9085,


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Research Council of Norway (RCN):

PhD Aleksandra W. Haugstad, tel.: +47 922 82 462; e-mail:

Useful links – polish website of EEA and Norway Grants – international website of EEA and Norway Grants – The National Centre for Research and Development (NCBR), partner responsible for the applied-research part of the programme – Research Council of Norway (RCN), partners representing the donor countries in the Research Programme  – partner search database on the RCN website

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