In order to settle travel expenses at the NCN, foreign experts must submit the following documents:

Should obtaining a document (an invoice, a ticket etc.) prove impossible or should the document be lost, a written statement on the expenses incurred shall be submitted.


The NCN also allows travelling by passenger car.

Before travel

A request for consent to use a passenger car sent to the NCN by e-mail or by post before the planned travel to a meeting of the expert team. A hard copy of the said Request form must be delivered along other settlement documents on the date of the meeting at the latest. The original form shall supplement the settlement of travel expenses.




After travel

  1. A hard copy of the Settlement of expenses for using a passenger car submitted after the travel.
  2. Completed Settlement of travel expenses form required to settle the travel expenses.

Other expenses, i.e. toll charges, parking fees, additional accommodation expenses, etc. shall not be reimbursed.

Settlement of travel expenses shall be made within 14 days of the travel’s end date.

A full reimbursement of expenses:

  • must not exceed:

EUR 700 for travels from a European country;

USD 2,000 for travels from another country;

  • reimbursement does not apply to expenses of (extra) hold luggage, expert’s travel insurance and costs of meals (receipts/bills from restaurants, cafes, etc.).

Should an expert use an air carrier whose standard price does not include hand luggage, seat selection or meal, expenses incurred on that account shall be reimbursed, with the exception of alcohol beverage expenses.

The NCN shall not reimburse expenses for private travels and travels not related to activities performed for the NCN (e.g. other business matters, visiting Kraków, visiting friends).

Should there be any doubt as to whether the travel expenses to be reimbursed are reasonable, an expert shall be required to provide an explanation within 30 calendar days.