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Researchers are welcome to participate in SHENG 3, the third funding opportunity for joint Polish-Chinese research teams launched by the National Science Centre (the NCN) and the National Natural Science Foundation of China (the NSFC).

SHENG 3 aims to support research projects in selected research fields:

NSFC department NCN review panel
Mathematical and Physical Sciences

ST 1

ST 2

ST 3

ST 9

Information Sciences

ST 6

ST 7

Earth Sciences ST 10
Management Sciences HS 4


Call announcement: 15 December 2022

Call deadline: 15 March 2023

Call results: November 2023

Joint research project start date: January 2024

The terms of the call will be adopted by the NCN Council and published on the NCN website in the second half of 2022.



  • Eligible Host Institutions in Poland: NCN proposals may be submitted by the entities specified in Article 27 (1) of the NCN Act; the Polish Principal Investigator (PI) must have at least a PhD degree when submitting a proposal;
  • Eligibility Rules in China:  please refer to the NSFC rules:
  • State aid will be available to the Polish applicants;
  • Only basic research projects will be funded;
  • Research project duration: 36 months;
  • According to the national eligibility requirements, all costs must be eligible;
  • The budget of the Polish part of the project must be at least 250 000 PLN; there will be no maximum limit for the Polish part of the project;
  • The budget of the Chinese part of the project must not exceed 1 500 000 RMB.

Application process:

The joint proposals must be submitted online to the proposal submission systems of the two agencies, together with all necessary documents conforming to the formal requirements of the respective funding organisations set out in the call documents. Joint proposals must be identical.

Submission deadline: 15 March 2023

Proposal review and evaluation procedure

Proposals will be subject to an eligibility check and merit-based evaluation. The eligibility check of proposals will be carried out by the NCN and NSFC. The merit-based evaluation will be open only to proposals approved as eligible by both agencies.

Eligible proposals will be reviewed separately by the two organisations.

At the NCN, eligible proposals will be evaluated by the expert panels as well as at least two external reviewers The panels will consist of recognised researchers from the relevant disciplines who are familiar with the NCN decision-making procedures.

At the NSFC, each eligible proposal will be evaluated by the expert panels and at least 5 external reviewers.

Funding will be granted to proposals recommended for funding by both the NCN and the NSFC.

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