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The National Science Centre supports researchers who are fleeing the war. We have prepared a special funding scheme for researchers from Ukraine.

We encourage our grant winners to employ researchers from Ukraine in their ongoing projects.

Below, you can find out more about initiatives addressed at researchers seeking refuge in Poland.

IMPRESS-U (open)

The purpose of this programme is to support Ukrainian research potential and to open up new opportunities for cooperation between researchers from Poland, Ukraine, the USA and the Baltic states.


NCN scholarship programme for Ukrainian students and young researchers

The purpose of this programme is to enable Ukrainian students and young researchers to continue their studies, work on their MA thesis or PhD dissertation, or pursue other forms of education in Poland.

NCN funding scheme for researchers from Ukraine

This funding scheme allows researchers from Ukraine to continue their research at the Polish research centres.

Opportunities within NCN grants

NCN grant winners may use their project budgets to employ Ukrainian researchers in their teams.


For Applicants who had to leave Ukraine as a result of military aggression of Russia  and arrived in Poland on or after 24 February 2022, the Council of the National Science Centre has introduced the following special  measures facilitating application to the POLONEZ BIS programme (calls 2 and 3). The last call closed on 15 December 2022.

POLONEZ BIS programme


Positions for researchers

NCN initiatives for Ukrainian researchers: a presentation

fot. Jan Bielecki dla NCN

Solidarity with Ukraine 

The National Science Centre expresses its solidarity with the Ukrainian people.