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The goals of the International Multilateral Partnerships for Resilient Education and Science System in Ukraine (IMPRESS-U) are to support excellence in science and engineering research, education and innovation through international collaboration and promote and catalyse integration of Ukrainian researchers in the global research community.

The IMPRESS-U call for proposals is organised jointly by research funding organisations from six countries: Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Ukraine and the United States of America.

“The main objective is to support high-quality projects, promote and stimulate the integration of Ukrainian researchers into the global research community and rebuild the research potential of Ukraine”, says Justyna Woźniakowska, Head of the International Cooperation Department at the NCN. The expert points out that IMPRESS-U also opens up avenues for Polish teams to cooperate with American partners. “In NCN grant programmes to date, such opportunities have been few and far between and usually restricted to specific research areas. This call facilitates cooperation in all the disciplines supported by the NSF”, she adds.

The American agency will fund research in any discipline except medical sciences and the humanities. 

Proposals will be accepted until the end of 2025. This period might be attenuated if funds at the NCN or any of the partner institutions run out earlier. The NCN Council has set aside 10 million zlotys in funding for Polish teams.

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The IMPRESS-U call is yet another NCN initiative supporting researchers from Ukraine. Not long after the Russian invasion on Ukraine in 2022, we have prepared a special programme for Ukrainian researchers and a scholarship programme for Ukrainian students and early-stage researchers, funded from the EEA and Norway Grants. Our initiatives for the Ukrainian research community are described in the NCN for Ukraine tab.